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Entering its 20th year, Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts is a FREE 10-day residential performing arts boot camp for 11-17 year-old students from low-income families. Participants train with performing arts teachers and professionals in the field. Kids attend this high-caliber camp at no cost to their families, a policy to which they are deeply committed. 

Applicants must submit essays to be considered. A 13 year-old boy from Harlem wrote this when requesting to return for a second year:

“I have chosen to reapply to Summer Stars because my experience last summer was so special. I met other kids from different places and backgrounds who were exactly like me. They loved to express their ideas through the performing arts. We all came together to create a show. Everyone contributed to the success of it. We did the work every day, singing, dancing, creating theater, playing instruments, and in the process we learned to trust each other. We were all proud of ourselves and each other.

Our counselors supervised us, but they were advisers as well as friends. It was clear that they wanted us to do our best and it was their job to support us. I enjoyed learning from them, especially about planning the future, college, and how to develop my full potential. My counselor made me believe that everything is possible, if I work hard, fully commit, and have faith.”

We hope you feel as inspired and hopeful after reading that as we do! Summer Stars is woefully underfunded, when really it should be offered all summer, and replicated in different parts of the country.

They have shown over 2000 kids what success looks like for them and given them tools to take it back to their “real lives.” Participants and their families do not pay for Summer Stars. By providing scholarships to these kids, you are unlocking their potential and opening up a world of possibilities. Our annual goal is to serve 125 economically disadvantaged kids. Your support is critical to reaching that goal.

There are 20 kids on a waiting list – your contribution will enable Summer Stars to start accepting those waiting for this life changing opportunity!

Make your gift here: http://www.summerstars.org


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