Meet Kylee McCumber, who took action when she learned of classmates facing food insecurity

Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz provides food for kids facing food insecurity over weekends.

In 2012, ten-year old Kylee McCumber of Leominster, MA founded Kylee’s Kare Kids for Kidz after she noticed children eating breakfast in the schools cafeteria. When she found out they didn’t have enough food to eat at home she knew she needed to do something to help them. She started with providing food for 10 children. Now 16 years old, Kylee’s program provides kare kits to 438 children every week.

Most of the children are identified by the school guidance counselors although they sometimes have families in need reach out to them. Every Friday they deliver to all 9 schools in Leominster and some families with children that are not yet in school. During the summer we personally deliver the kare kits seeing that the kids are not in school.

Welch’s Fruit snacks is their one sponsor. All the other food is either donated by individuals or groups that do food drives and raise funds such as schools, churches, youth groups, girl scouts or boy scouts, children giving up their birthday gifts to receive food for our kids to name a few.

Stories like this need to be shared. It is an idea that can be replicated by any student who also sees this in their school. Even if you start with providing food for one kid, you are making a difference to that child.

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