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Three Belmont, MA students are creating art for you to benefit charities!

Belmont, MA students Grace, Gillian, and Frances bring you original works of art to benefit charity! Their creations include painted wood pieces, melted crayons over canvases with silhouette, glass bottles with decorations, and drawings of mermaids. In addition to getting a piece of original artwork, the proceeds will be split among the following charities: Against Malaria Foundation;; Make-a-Wish Foundation;… Read more →

Attention readers! These hand made bookmarks support the Women’s Foundation of Nepal

A 6th grader from Belmont, MA has come up with a creative way to raise money for the Women’s Foundation of Nepal, and we love it so much we had to share! Subi’s parents are from Nepal and they visit often. She learned about the Women’s Foundation of Nepal because her mother always comes home with beautiful scarves made by… Read more →

When workouts meet philanthropy

What do you get when a creative genius who is philanthropic to the core and a fitness devotee? You inspire thousands of fitlanthropists and establish a group you really should join called #wedohardstuff. Created by Jesse Itzler this is just one of many projects he has spearheaded, and Devote loves this one for the charitable angle. Every month he creates… Read more →

A professional and high school athlete demonstrate leadership and social responsibility

We received this update from Courtney, and are we ever inspired! WELL DONE!! This is enormous undertaking and you saw it through from beginning to end. “I wanted to update you on the fact that I finished my collection drive of soccer equipment for GOALS Haiti! I have also been working with a school in Leogane, Haiti called Ecole St.… Read more →

When Luisa incorporated a love of animals into her life, dogs in shelters gained a new champion.

When grief over the loss of a beloved pet needs to be channeled and your love of animals runs deep, you get forces of nature like Luisa Paucchi starting a foster based dog rescue in Alexandria, VA. Since taking this on in 2015 Luisa and her devoted team of volunteers have saved at least a couple hundred dogs (some quite sick… Read more →

A teenager coordinates effort to acknowledge a fire department

In the fall of 2016, tragedy hit in the town of Greenfield, MA when a fire took four lives. That morning, Ginny Dodge was working at a nearby McDonald’s when a police officer stopped in to get food for the fire fighters on the scene. Leaving with over $200 worth of food charged to the Greenfield Fire Department, Ginny felt that… Read more →

Britney Spears and Donna Milani Luther

What happens when two creative forces come together to establish a summer program, which doesn’t cost a penny, for kids from low-income families? With no egos in sight, powerful results happen. In 1999, performing artist Britney Spears teamed up with nationally recognized educator Donna Milani Luther to start the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit devoted to providing economically disadvantaged… Read more →

Devote member Anne Cheung starts A2Empowerment for young women in Cameroon

Anne Cheung is a senior associate scientist at Biogen in Massachusetts. Several years ago friend Anne Rapin came home from the Peace Corps having been in Cameroon. Anne C. learned about the educational disparities women face. Being acutely aware of the role that education played a large role in her trajectory to becoming a scientist, she felt compelled to do something about it. Together the two… Read more →