Innovative children’s book supports Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music

With a love of Hip-Hop history and of giving back, Howie Abrams and Michael “Kaves” McLeer set out to create a work of art for young kids. The Hip-Hop Alphabet and now Hip-Hop Alphabet 2 books takes you on a historical journey highlighting many of the greats and different aspects that made hip hop what it is today. On top… Read more →

When workouts meet philanthropy

What do you get when a creative genius who is philanthropic to the core and a fitness devotee? You inspire thousands of fitlanthropists and establish a group you really should join called #wedohardstuff. Created by Jesse Itzler this is just one of many projects he has spearheaded, and Devote loves this one for the charitable angle. Every month he creates… Read more →

You have the power to help!

The devastation we’ve seen from the hurricanes is overwhelming. Mother Nature has hit to such an alarming degree that it’s hard to know where to start to help, especially if you are individual living hundreds of miles away. In addition to the most visible organizations such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Global Giving, here are some other organizations that need our… Read more →

Books, rain boots, and dog food!

Some companies you should remember the next time you shop online or are in stores selling these products. Charitable giving is a part of their mission statement and corporate culture. Every time you buy a book through Better World Books, they donate a book to one of several organizations. Make this your online book retailer and promote literacy at the same time.… Read more →

Can you imagine your child going hungry for even one day this summer?

Summer barbecues, picnics, and dinners on the back porch with family and friends will be enjoyed by millions in America. Feeding people we love often means cooking way more than we need….we’ve all done that! The intentions are so good but with these celebrations will come millions of pounds of leftovers headed for the trash. Why is food waste a… Read more →

Miss Maria’s School of Dance taps into their talents to give back

Students are devoted to Miss Maria’s School of Dance in Watertown, MA because of the wonderful dance teachers and the instruction is top notch. Another reason to be a part of their community? They think about the world outside of their studio walls. Just two examples among many…last September dancers surprised a lifelong Watertown resident at her 87th birthday party who… Read more →

Chris Cornell honors refugees in final powerful music video

Losing Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave a month ago was a blow to the music community and to his millions of fans worldwide. His musical genius is well documented, and now we are learning more about his philanthropic life. Today, the official music video “The Promise” was released purposely timed with World Refugee Day. Focusing on the refugee crisis,… Read more →

Recording artist Sia supports #endHIV

Performing artists have the power to channel proceeds from song sales, concert tickets, and merchandise to targeted issues. The amazing Sia has taken advantage of this unique opportunity by releasing the song and video “Free Me” featuring the incredibly talented Zoe Saldana. Julianne Moore contributes by narrating the beginning of the story, where Saldana’s pregnant character learns she has HIV, that… Read more →

7True’s core values we should all get behind

Founded by three women, the mission of 7True is to make cosmetics safe for everyone while giving back to women and environmental causes. Who wouldn’t get behind a growing business that has incorporated giving to charities as a part of its mission and business plan? 7True has as its core values honesty, simplicity, safety, contemporary, generosity, confidence, and fun –… Read more →

A professional and high school athlete demonstrate leadership and social responsibility

We received this update from Courtney, and are we ever inspired! WELL DONE!! This is enormous undertaking and you saw it through from beginning to end. “I wanted to update you on the fact that I finished my collection drive of soccer equipment for GOALS Haiti! I have also been working with a school in Leogane, Haiti called Ecole St.… Read more →