Author: Nina Biggar Del Vecchio

I work with the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music, Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts, and of course, Devote! I believe equal access to education, health care, out of school activities, sports, and music and arts education (to name just a few) is imperative. Being transparent about giving (financial and in-kind) and accessible is important to encouraging new individuals and corporations to start their own giving habits.

When Luisa incorporated a love of animals into her life, dogs in shelters gained a new champion.

When grief over the loss of a beloved pet needs to be channeled and your love of animals runs deep, you get forces of nature like Luisa Paucchi starting a foster based dog rescue in Alexandria, VA. Since taking this on in 2015 Luisa and her devoted team of volunteers have saved at least a couple hundred dogs (some quite sick… Read more →

A teenager coordinates effort to acknowledge a fire department

In the fall of 2016, tragedy hit in the town of Greenfield, MA when a fire took four lives. That morning, Ginny Dodge was working at a nearby McDonald’s when a police officer stopped in to get food for the fire fighters on the scene. Leaving with over $200 worth of food charged to the Greenfield Fire Department, Ginny felt that… Read more →

Lauren Conrad empowers global female artisans

The Little Market is an online fair trade shop founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla. Customers can purchase beautiful products handmade by artisans around the world. Products come from as far as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Ethiopia, and very close to home such as a recent partner Bright Endeavors in Chicago. Shopping at The Little Market means much needed income for families!… Read more →

Larsen & Lund for the Pablove Foundation

The Pablove Foundation fights pediatric cancer by funding cutting-edge pediatric research, as well as teaches kids battling cancer the art of photography to provide a creative outlet. This five week photography program takes place in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Denver, San Francisco, Austin, and New Orleans. Larsen & Lund makes hand-crafted leather products in Los Angeles. They have made a… Read more →

College club brings joy to victims of domestic violence.

Eden Duhamel is the president of the Sociology Club at Emmanuel College. In addition to their regular meetings and discussions, they organize various charitable events for the community. This past December they organized a holiday party at a domestic violence shelter in the Boston area. Presents were given to all the victims (parents and children), holiday treats were provided, and holiday… Read more →

Britney Spears and Donna Milani Luther

What happens when two creative forces come together to establish a summer program, which doesn’t cost a penny, for kids from low-income families? With no egos in sight, powerful results happen. In 1999, performing artist Britney Spears teamed up with nationally recognized educator Donna Milani Luther to start the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit devoted to providing economically disadvantaged… Read more →

Holiday Shopping to Benefit Causes

Here are some unique and beautiful gift ideas from companies who have incorporated charitable projects into their business plans. Please add to the list! Chavez for Charity Far and Wide Collective Solo Eyewear Laughing Man Foundation Women’s Beans Project Unicef Market Miir Trades of Hope Find out what Devote individuals and businesses are doing to make the world a better place!… Read more →

Kent Bazemore of the Atlanta Hawks aims to motivate and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Athletes have the potential to make an impact on young people in a unique way. Kids (and adults!) look up to athletes, especially those who put some focus on giving to those in need. Kent Bazemore is one such athlete. As a professional basketball player with the Atlanta Hawks, Kent has a deep understanding of the role sports has played… Read more →

Giving within your means

Giving within your means can mean something different depending on your situation. For some, it’s financial parameters, for others it’s time. Often we can put create small groups of people and find a way to do something that may not get done without each other. The Chelsea Community Connections is one of many organizations collecting food to distribute to families… Read more →

Devote member Anne Cheung starts A2Empowerment for young women in Cameroon

Anne Cheung is a senior associate scientist at Biogen in Massachusetts. Several years ago friend Anne Rapin came home from the Peace Corps having been in Cameroon. Anne C. learned about the educational disparities women face. Being acutely aware of the role that education played a large role in her trajectory to becoming a scientist, she felt compelled to do something about it. Together the two… Read more →