Devote is social media where you share ideas and come for inspiration and information related to all aspects of giving from financial donations, volunteering, to pro bono support.

Devote is for everyone who has ever given to help others or wants to start! 



Every giving action matters, no matter the size. Because good begets good – so join us and inspire some serious good! Register to start sharing your stories and experiences of volunteerism, to highlight the causes most meaningful to you, to shine light on your favorite organizations.


Are you an individual? We want to know:

  • The causes that have motivated you to give time, resources, or skills – and why they’re important to you.
  • Associations and nonprofits that deserve attention, and how others can get involved.
  • Why you give back and what others might gain and learn from getting on board.
  • Stories of fellow volunteers or organizers who’ve inspired you.

Are you representing a business? We want to know:

  • What issues have moved your team to donate time, resources, or skills, and why.
  • Your organization’s strategies for getting employees to volunteer time and resources.
  • Initiatives spearheaded by your business or colleagues.
  • Why it makes business sense to participate in socially conscious causes.


We want to hear all ideas!